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Excellent home fitness shouldn’t be exclusive. Havvi is a premium fitness experience for free.


Our free-to-play model brings HIIT, Yoga, Core, Steps, Strength, Cycling, and more. Find the right workout based on the equipment you have, the time available in your day, and target areas.

Add it to your schedule or select from one of our tailored challenges!


With social features and a marketplace launching soon, creators and users have closer ways to interact, engage, transact, and achieve fitness goals together.

Come workout or unwind with us

With a video library as creative as the internet, we are sure to have content that will spark your desire to move.

For creators and users

Creator-user engagement tailored to the needs of fitness in a flat economic model.

All of our video hosting remains with the original content publisher and we make no claims to content ownership, exclusivity, or rights to video revenue - which belongs to the content creator and publisher.

We're looking for partners, so if you're a fitness creator please reach out.



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